Final Exam help sessions

The final exam is written.  I’m not a believer in big surprises on final exams, so here is the breakdown.

The exam consists of three questions, each with lots of subparts.

There is one question about taking a 3 by 3 evolutionary matrix game, finding the Nash equilibria both mixed and pure, determining which strategies are ESS, writing out the replicator equations, finding the isoclines, finding the equilibria, computing the Jacobian, using the Jacobian to evaluate the stability of the equilibria, and drawing a picture to summarize your results.

There is one question where you are given the payoff functions of two players.  There payoff functions are polynomials in x and y.  One player has control over x, one player has control over y.  One of the polynomials will be cubic.  You will have to find the best response functions of each player, and then use those best response functions to find the Nash equilibria.

One of the question is kind of riddle like.  It is very similar the last few games we played as a class.

The exam takes me a little under two hours to complete, so hopefully three hours will be plenty of time for you.  I am prepared to run several help sessions over the next week, where we will just walk through examples of the sort of problems that will be on the final.  Please post comments suggesting times that work.

I’ll aim to have a practice final up by Saturday, and solutions for it and assignment 8 by Monday.


23 responses to “Final Exam help sessions

  1. What about 12:00 or 1:00 on Friday?

  2. When are the help sessions going to be?

  3. Wednesday @ 11?

  4. I know that several people in the class have exams on Friday and Saturday, so a help session on Sunday (morning) would be really helpful; or at least after 5 on Saturday.

  5. many people have exams on Friday…so anytime next week that is not on Friday will be good…preferably on Wednesday….

  6. Any time on thursday?

  7. I vote Thursday too!!

  8. a vote for Wednesday, also

  9. a vote for wednesday, also

  10. sorry double post ^

  11. any day other than wednesday

  12. I think Sat afternoon/Sun morning is a good idea. I’m also down with Friday after 5

  13. after 5 on Friday sounds good

  14. since everyone seems to have very different scheduales, is it possible to do a couple sessions during the week, and then a couple on the weekend ie wednesday thursday, sat or sun maybe

  15. dan, you had mentioned doing several review session, is it possible to do wed, thurs, sat, sun?

  16. I was planning on doing at least 2. I’m Skimming the comments and it seems as though Wednesday and Saturday from 1pm till people are sick of review would make most people happy. Is their anyone who can’t make those times, and would be upset if they missed the review sessions?

  17. saturday evening or sunday morning sounds great

  18. I cannot do wednesday and I have an exam on Saturday until 5 (along with several other people in the class) If the Saturday review session could begin after five, that would be ok. Sunday morning should work for most people too.

  19. I cannot make wednesday or Saturday at one, Saturday after five, or sunday morning would work great for me.

  20. where are the review sessions going to be held?

  21. sat after 5 please!!

  22. I think a lot of people seem to have sat 2-5 exams, so after that would be better..

  23. We are having a help session tomorrow Wednesday, from 2 until 5. There will be another one starting at 5:30 on Saturday.

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