Practice Final Solutions And Help Session Times

Here are some solutions to the practice final.

I’ll be in that room behind the math help centre tomorrow (Wednesday) from 2 till 5 answering questions and working through examples.  And then again Saturday evening, 5:30 until people want to go home or I’m exhausted.


12 responses to “Practice Final Solutions And Help Session Times

  1. Thanks dan are you going to go over the solutions or just to answer our questions like an office hour?

  2. May I hand in the bonus assignments on saturday?

  3. Bonus assignments can be handed in any time prior to the final so, Saturday is fine. At the help sessions I’ll be answering questions, but some of those questions might be “Can you go over the solutions to the practice final?”

  4. Dan where are you? Not at math help?

  5. Hi Dan, could we go over the 2009 actual (not the proto) final exam on the Saturday session? It may take some time and I think a lot of us would want to see it unravel so I thought I’d ask in advance.

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make sure the answers are in my brain by Saturday.

  7. For a given 3×3 matrix, can there be only one ESS?

  8. Nope, there could be three ESS or two, or none.

  9. Sorry, where is the help session going to be today?

  10. Can you please bring the marked assignment 8’s to the help session tonight? Thanks!

  11. I’ll bring the assignments. The help session will be where we used to have class. I’ll leave a big message on the board in the math help centre and on the doors of Jefferey. Isocline notes are not up yet. I got distracted by getting the tournament going.

  12. Hi Dan,

    I was planning to make it to the help session today but got delayed. However, is there another way for me to hand in my assignment before the exam on Monday? Thank you!

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