Duck Battle Winners!

The duck battle is done!

Most people where able to cobble together a decent strategy so almost everyone who participated will be getting a mark somewhere in the high 80% mid 90% range.  After running the tournament eight entries were close enough to warrant further examination and testing.  They were in no particular order, superduck, simple_duck, SmartDuck, ThomasWagner, Nikki, marshallduck, Fythian, and finalbamm.  After further testing it became clear that although all these strategies are close, Fythian and marshallduck are the superior two.  Unfortunately these two strategies were so close and the time was too short to determine if they were actually significantly different and if so which was better.

The final exam is also marked and your marks are submitted so they should be showing up on qcard any day now.  The class average was a little high this year 79, and I’m happy to report that no one who put effort into the class failed.  I agree question two was hard if you got confused by two variable algebra, but there were lots of opportunities for part marks.


4 responses to “Duck Battle Winners!

  1. Thanks for a fun/interesting class Dan!

  2. Whatever happened to GodDuck! :0

    Thanks for the awesome class Dan!

  3. fell disappointed…….but congretulations to the winners……
    and thx Dan….

  4. Can we get to see the code of the top ducks?

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