Fussy Stuff

You can get a hold of me at dcownden@gmail.com. I’ll try to respond within one school day.

Class is 10:30 Monday, 9:30 Wednesday, and 8:30 Friday all in Jef 128

Office Hours
Wednesday at 10:30 right after class in the class, migrating to the math help centre, Jef 201, if need be. I will schedule additional office hours as needed before the final.

There will be short assignments two to four questions, due roughly once a week (usually Friday) in class. There will be no midterms/quizzes since they are fussy and take away from class time. There will be a final project, vaguely related to ducks.  There will be a final exam.  Percentage breakdown will be
40% assignments
10% final project
50% final exam

note 10 weeks of class one assignment per week, assignments worth %40… so each assignment is worth 4% of your final grade.

Late/Missed/Failed Assignment Policy

Since this is a game theory course the late policy is a bit of a game. Assignments will not always get to the marker immediately after the due date. They may kick around in a folder on my desk for a week or so. If you can get your assignment to me before I send that batch to the marker then you’ve won! no late penalty for you. If however those assignments have been sent to the marker already, and I have to mark it myself then your assignment is worth 50% of whatever it would have been worth had it been on time.

As for missed or failed assignments there will be one or two bonus assignment opportunities.  If your mark on a bonus assignment is better than your worst assignment mark, your mark on the bonus assignment replaces your lousy mark.

Missed Test Policy
If you miss a test talk to me as soon as you can. I’ll be as accommodating as I can.